Nomination and selection

After you apply

Once you have submitted the completed form and supporting documents to Monash Abroad, you will receive an acknowledgement that your application has been received. You should expect this about three weeks after the application deadline.


Due to the popularity of the exchange program amongst Monash students, nominations to certain universities, especially universities in the English-speaking countries are extremely competitive. This means that not all applicants will be nominated to their first preference. Monash Abroad takes into consideration both your grades and your statement of purpose when assessing your application. If your intended host university requires additional information or reference letters, we will then contact your academic referees. Please ensure your referees are current facilitators, familiar with your academic strengths and have been informed on your decision to study abroad.

If you are nominated to your first university preference, you will receive an email from Monash Abroad three to six weeks after the application deadline. Instructions for completing the host university application will be included in this email.

If you are not nominated for your first preference, we will try our best to consider you for your second preference. Before we nominate you for your second preference, we will contact you to confirm that you are still interested in applying to that university.

In certain applications to the UK or USA, we may suggest alternative partner universities which can still be an exchange option if both your preferences are no longer feasible to you. If this is the case, you will be required to prepare a new study plan and have it approved by your course management office.

Host university selection

Upon being nominated to a partner university, you will receive instructions for completing the application to your host university in a nomination email sent by Monash Abroad. Be sure to pay very close attention to the application deadlines as missing the deadline will likely result in losing your spot at the partner university.

To plan efficiently, it is highly recommended that you research beforehand if the partner university you are applying to requires a letter of reference. Other documents you may need include certified bank statements, proof of language proficiency, an official Monash transcript and medical forms, where applicable.

You are not fully approved to go on exchange until you have received an acceptance letter from the partner university. It may take one to three months after your submission of application for the offer from the university. The universities will respond to you according to their acceptance deadlines, therefore, other applicants may receive their offers of admission at an earlier or even later date.

Most host offer letters are sent directly to Monash Abroad. If you receive it directly, please inform the Monash Abroad office. Once the acceptance letter is received, your exchange coordinator will send you an acceptance email. The acceptance email is required in order for you to enrol in exchange units with your school.

After acceptance

Once you have been accepted into your host university, you can then proceed with making all necessary travel arrangements (e.g. visa applications, application for accommodation, the purchase of flight tickets), and start preparing for your exciting semester or year abroad.

You will have to attend a pre-departure briefing to meet other students going on exchange and gain important information that will help you prepare for your journey.