Student Pass

All international students need a Student Pass to study in Malaysia. The Immigration Department of Malaysia issues and regulates the passes, but Monash Malaysia manages your pass application.

The Student Pass lasts for up to a year – or the length of your study period if that’s less than a year – so you need to renew it annually if you’re studying with us for more than two semesters.

You can’t study in Malaysia as an international student, and we can’t issue your Monash University student ID, without your Student Pass. And, depending on the country you’re from, you might also need a Malaysian entry visa.

Approval for a Student Pass can take up to six weeks for new international students and eight weeks if you’re transferring from another Malaysian institution. So make sure you apply as soon as you receive your offer letter from us, and well before your Monash Malaysia studies begin.

Applying for your Student Pass

You apply for a Student Pass after you’ve accepted your study offer. You will then receive a Student Pass approval letter, which you must bring to Malaysia to get a Student Pass endorsement stamp in your passport.

To receive a Student Pass approval letter, you need to provide us with the following items, which we submit to Malaysian Immigration:

  • two passport-sized colour photographs with white background (3.5cm x 4.5cm)
  • one certified copy of all pages of your passport/s, including blank pages, on single-sided A4 paper without enlargement or reduction. Centre each double page of the passport on the paper. Ensure the passport number and the passport page numbers are clear.
  • one certified copy of the highest qualification from your home country (that is, transcripts/results/certificates).

Passport must be valid for at least 14 months from the expected date of entry and 26 months for students from Indonesia. 

If you’re coming to us from another Monash campus or overseas university for just a semester or two of study, you apply for a Student Pass through Monash Abroad, your current institution or an agent as part of the study transfer process.

Sub-Saharan students

A No Objection Certificate (NOC) is required for Student Pass Application for students from Sudan, signed by their local education ministry/ authority.

Receiving your Student Pass approval letter

Our International Student Pass unit will send you the Student Pass approval letter when Malaysian Immigration approves your student pass application.

You need to present your Student Pass approval letter and a copy of your offer letter to immigration officials as part of the airport-arrival process, so don’t leave home without it. We will email or courier the letter to you before you leave home.

Read about the airport-arrival process and our before-you-leave checklist to ensure your arrival in Malaysia goes smoothly.

Temporary Pass

Immigration officials place a Temporary Pass stamp in your passport when you present your Student Pass approval letter and copy of your offer letter at the airport. The Temporary Pass is only valid for 14 - 30 days. You must visit our International Student Pass unit within seven days of your arrival for advice on how to proceed with the Health Check and to get your Student Pass endorsed.

Postponing your studies

Remember, it could take six to eight weeks for Malaysian Immigration to approve your Student Pass application. If you don’t obtain approval in time to begin your studies, you should postpone them to the following semester, unless you’re transferring from another Malaysian institution. In that case, we can apply for a Special Pass, which will allow you an extension pending the approval of your Student Pass Application while you are still in Malaysia.

Endorsing your Student Pass

Within seven days of arriving in Malaysia, you must report to our International Student Pass unit for advice on getting a health check as part of the Student Pass process.

Immediately after your medical screening, you must submit your passport to our International Student Pass unit within 7 days of your arrival for your Student Pass endorsement, which replaces your temporary Special Pass.

To study in Malaysia as an international student, you must also take out health insurance, which we organise for you when you accept your study offer. Find out more about the health check and health insurance.

Managing your Student Pass

You are responsible for cancelling or transferring your Student Pass if your circumstances change, so don’t forget to read about managing your Student Pass to avoid problems with immigration officials.

For a summary of your obligations as an international student and Student Pass holder, check out our immigration regulations page.

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