Academic Discovery - Strategic Approach to Blended Active Learning

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Welcome to the Strategic Approach to Blended Active Learning (SABAL) programme. We hope that you will enjoy being part of the programme, and that you will appreciate the opportunities that it offers to reflect upon, enquire into and enhance your teaching practice.

The programme content considers key educational theories, and draws upon the evidence-base provided by recent scholarship and educational research in the field of collaborative active learning and to create an understanding of what blended learning looks like within your discipline. There are also opportunities to work collaboratively and to share practice and experience with your colleagues, both face to face and online, benefiting from their insight and expertise.

By undertaking a range of modules, you will be able to develop your knowledge and skills further in the areas of active learning, feedback and assessment following the collaborative socio-constructivist approach in the Community of Inquiry framework.

Critical reflection on your teaching practice is the core of the programme, and forms the basis for all the work you will do. We have also designed it so that it may support you to meet most of the requirements for active learning.

We look forward to welcoming you to the program.

Dates and Training Venue

May 2021, Monash University Malaysia

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