Advanced Industrial Relations Compliance

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This course in Advanced Employee and Industrial Relations Compliance is an industrial relations program targeted primarily at the corporate market. The target audience for this programme will be HR practitioners and line managers in these companies and the programme will focus on equipping these target audiences with practical knowledge and skills on how best to manage their employees in line with the law’s requirements and industrial relations best practices. Industrial Relations competence is a key factor in being able to manage one’s subordinates correctly and without competence in this area, an organisation  stands to lose out in terms of:

  1. Unhappy employees leaving the organisation due to morale and motivation issues,
  2. Productivity and performance, where employees are not managed to their best potential resulting in the organisation losing out in terms of business opportunities and profitability, and
  3. Legal exposure where improperly managed employees or groups of employees initiate legal action against the organisation on grounds of unfair dismissal, constructive dismissal, non-compliance and forced resignations.

This program will use a blended learning approach involving the use of online as well as face to face learning.

Dates and Training Venue

June/July 2021 , Monash University Malaysia

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