Management Essentials

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Management is a cross-functional discipline that involves a myriad of roles, responsibilities and skillsets. Management capabilities are typically developed via on-the-job experiences supplemented with formal upskilling programs. Managers may find this process challenging, especially when the steep learning curve of management is often compounded with the real-time operational demands of an organisation. As a result, management competencies may not always develop as optimally as desired. This workshop distils the broad scope of management into six essential competencies that are universally applicable and will provide a strong foundation for the continuous self-development of any aspiring manager.

The Management Essentials using LegoⓇ Serious PlayⓇ program leverages on combining the strengths of an engaging gamified simulation and the versatile Lego® Serious Play® method to deliver a unique and interactive classroom experience.

The Lego® Serious Play® process is an internationally-renowned thinking, communicating and problem-solving tool, described as “3D-printing one’s thoughts”, and is ideally suited to represent the abstract concepts of management in a visual and tactile manner. Participants are guided through a series of hands-on exercises to build metaphorical models in response to questions from the facilitator and to reflect upon their models to extract deeper insights on the topic and reinforce learning objectives.

Dates and Training Venue

6 - 8 July 2021, Monash University Malaysia

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