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People Leadership

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Digitalization, rapid technological advancement, Covid-19, and other critical factors have great implications on the nature of work and ways of working. Therefore, what it takes to lead and to succeed in this new normal caused by Covid-19 and the digital economy has changed significantly for today’s leaders. The old ways of working and leading have changed and will continue to change for a lot of people. Leaders need to manage these changes well and change rapidly to adapt to new context and environment. This, in a way, is easier for individuals new to leadership roles as they are not stuck to the old ways of working and leading.

This program explores the implication of what it means for individuals who are new to leadership roles and what it takes to be a great leader in this new normal and in the digital economy.

Dates and Training Venue

2, 4, 6, 12, 16, 18, 20 August 2021, Monash University Malaysia

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