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Navigating the Human Genome via Ensembl

The Human Genome Project produced a high quality reference map of the human genome, characterizing the sequence of chemical bases found in every cell of our body. This Google-like map of the human genome can be publicly accessed using on-line web browsers and is transforming our understanding of human biology in health and disease and paving the way for genomics guided personalised medicine.

Ensembl is a powerful integrated database with a user friendly graphical interface that is a major gateway for researchers and non-researchers alike to explore the human genome to address their scientific curiosities. This two day workshop will give an overview of current sequencing technologies that determine the DNA sequence in our bodies and their relevance for clinical and personalised medicine.

We will guide the novice through the latest version of the browser explaining its salient features through practical demonstrations and lectures. Selected human genes involved in diseases or drug responses will be used as examples to illustrate the wealth of information that is available to improve our understanding of the human genome in health and disease. We will also touch upon the ethical concerns that are related to use of personal genomic sequences.

Dates and Training Venue

1, 3 ,15 & 17 June 2021, Monash University Malaysia

Contact Information

For more information please write to mum.ExecEd@monash.edu