Summer school

Summer school subjects run between November and February at Monash Malaysia. Enrolling in these subjects gives you the opportunity to earn credit points outside of the standard semester. The program is particularly popular with students from our Australian campus, who take up the chance to study in their summer break.

Delivery mode

Summer semester subjects are usually delivered intensively. This means that the teaching period for these units is much shorter than those in a standard semester. However, class hours may be considerably longer. For example, instead of attending 3 hours of class per week for 12 weeks, you might have to attend all-day classes (with breaks) for a week.


Although most summer subjects run in December and January, each unit has its own set of dates. This means that enrolment, teaching and census dates vary between units. So it is important to contact the relevant school in advance to find out about issues such as:

  • enrolment deadlines
  • attendance requirements
  • teaching and course census dates.

Subjects on offer

A diverse range of subjects are available at Monash Malaysia during the summer. Please contact the relevant school at Monash Malaysia for more information about which subjects they offer: