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Welcome Message by Director, Prof Sadequr Rahman



This is the century of Biology.

Just as the flowering of Physics in the early twentieth century led to transformations in the way we use inanimate materials, so the significant developments in Biology in the past 50 years are now leading to transformations in our ability to understand and shape the biosphere. 

The Tropical Medicine and Biology platform aims to drive this transformation in our region and for the tropics. The Platform has concentrated its research efforts in three key areas – GenomicsTelemedicineImmunity and Infection. In Genomics the ability to rapidly sequence DNA, and assembly and interpret genomes has transformed the study of biology. Telemedicine, the use of telecommunication to provide clinical care at a distance and to connect healthcare professionals, combines the power of information and communications technology with new developments in Medicine. The Immunity and Infection cluster is concerned with outcomes that reduce infection and boost immunity in the tropics. In particular the Cluster focuses on dengue and related diseases.



The TMB was created in 2013 to bring together leading researchers from different Schools and disciplines at Monash University Malaysia and facilitate the conduct of multi- and interdisciplinary research that is relevant to Malaysia and the region, globally significant and suitable for publishing in leading journals. Three clusters, consisting of Genomics, Telemedicine, Infection & Immunity, were created that reflected existing and emerging research strengths of the campus and that supported inter-disciplinary research. The inaugural director was Professor Chris Austin, who was succeeded by Professor Sadequr Rahman.  The performance of the TMB has been outstanding in terms of participation by staff from a range of disciplines, grant income, overall publications and papers in Q1 journals, national and international collaborations and partnerships, support for student, including internships, and fee-for-service income.

The activities and directions of TMB platform will continue to evolve and expand as new questions emerge and enhanced capabilities emerge with respect to both members and availability of infrastructure and instrumentation.