Research clusters

Genomics Facility

The primary aim of the Genomics Facility is to be regional leader in the use and application of genomics tools and technologies, particularly those focused on Food Security and Sustainability. The research has focused on aquaculture, plant genomics and transcriptomics, environmental sustainability, biodiversity, bioprospecting and metagenomics.

Facility Leader: Associate Professor Qasim Ayub

Infection and Immunity

The Infection and Immunity cluster is concerned with outcomes that reduce infection and boost immunity in the tropics. In particular the cluster focuses on dengue and other closely related diseases.

Cluster Leader: Associate Professor Sharifah Syed Hassan


The telemedicine research cluster aims to utilize IT to enhance the prevention, diagnosis and management of diseases. In particular the cluster focuses on priority diseases in Malaysia such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and preventive measures such as child growth surveillance.

Cluster Leader: [Vacant]. Please contact Prof Sadequr for more details.