About Us

This cluster consists of an established group of researchers focused on research based on multidisplinary aspects of infectious diseases including social impacts on health. The group members currently consist of staff from various Schools of Monash UniversityMalaysia and the Clinical School at Johor Baru Campus. We place strong emphasis on fundamental, applied and community based research in areas of infectious diseases and is also focusing on strategies to engage studies with the industries and in community health care.

We endeavor to conduct research that is relevant and of priority in the country and the region and is strategizing to promote collaborative research with other excellent centres of research, nationally, regionally and internationally.


School of Medicine

Assoc Prof Dr. Sharifah SH

Dr. Amreeta Dhanoa

Assoc Prof Cheong Yuet Meng

Assoc Prof Dr. Uma Palanisamy

Dr. Ezharul Chowdury Hoque

Prof Iekhsan Othman

Prof Dato’ Anuar Zaini

Dr. Rakesh Naidu

Prof Maude Phipps

Dr. Lau Wee Ming

School of Engineering

Dr. Ramanan Nagasundran

School of Science

Prof Sadequr Rahman

Prof Sunil Lal

School of Pharmacy

Dr. Tahir Mehmood Khan

Dr. Lee Learn Han