Facility bookings and event management

Teaching and Learning Venue Booking

Monash Teaching and Learning


All staff planning to organise an event will be required to submit an Event Management System (EMS) online form.

If you need guidance on organising an event on campus, please refer to the EMS user guide and the Event Management guidelines. For further enquiry and consultation, please see Ms Parveen Sidhu, Events Manager at Building 2, Level 1.

For independent venue bookings not accompanied by an event, you may proceed to the Space Booking System and Venue Booking System (teaching venues).


Student-led activities organised by MUSA and MUPA must be supported by an approved Event Management System (EMS). The EMS form will include your request for a venue booking. We will contact you via email to confirm your event and venue.

Event Support

Have an approved event and require a venue set-up? You may go straight to the Facility System.

Please refer to the Facility services user guide.