Zeinab Goulamaly

International Exchange | Sup’Biotech Paris, France

What Zeinab say

“Monash Malaysia is an Australian university which is established in Malaysia. The fact that two different cultures can be explored and discovered in the same time was my main motivation for choosing Monash. Going on exchange has made me more independent and open. It is also a great way to meet new people.”

Thoughts on Monash University Malaysia

“Participation in clubs, societies and classes allowed me to make a lot of “local friends”. Having all the exchange students living on the same floor is great for socialising and meeting other “expatriated” friends from all over the world. The academic life in our home university is completely different to Monash. Monash University is a lot bigger and there are much more clubs, societies and activities happening on a daily basis. However, getting used to doing assignments rather than exams was a challenge. Futhermore, Monash Malaysia is close to KL so there are many opportunities to explore the city and travel to local areas, such as Malacca.”