Intake periods

Our intake periods are when you complete your enrolment for a Monash Malaysia course, ahead of starting classes. Our major intakes commence in:

and our minor intake for some courses through a special enrolment sequence starts in:

Deadlines to note before your intake

The start of each intake period comes after a series of important deadline dates that you must meet to enrol successfully. The deadline dates are different for:

  • Malaysian students
  • international students
  • Medical degree students.

The important deadline dates to note ahead of each intake period are:

  • application deadline
  • late application deadline
  • offer acceptance deadline
  • late acceptance deadline
  • course enrolment deadline (when our intakes begin).

Click on the link for your intake period at the top of the page and you’ll find all the information you need to enrol smoothly.

The start of our main February and July intake periods is also when Orientation Week begins, so you’ll get plenty of help to enrol and the chance to join in some great activities.

Semester and vacation dates

The Monash University principal dates calendar lists all major Monash University tertiary dates, events and deadlines, including a cultural calendar that reflects and celebrates the diverse and multicultural nature of the Monash University community.