Exchange Program

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What is exchange?

Monash has student exchange agreements with more than 150 partner universities in 30 countries across Europe, America, Asia and New Zealand. This means you can study a semester in Europe followed by a semester in the Americas, and graduate with a degree that is studied in different continents. All while paying tuition fees to Monash Malaysia.

While overseas on exchange, you will:

  • continue to be enrolled at Monash
  • receive credit for your overseas study towards your Monash degree
  • continue paying your regular tuition fees to Monash Malaysia (in Malaysian Ringgit)

Where can I go?

Please refer to our exchange partner list to determine if the university of your choice is one of our partners and if they only accept students from a particular discipline of study.

Matching up your semesters

Semester dates may vary depending on the university of your choice. For example, while semester one at Monash begins early March, in the USA the spring semester begins in January. However, this would still fit within your Monash semester dates/period.

How much will it cost?

As an approved exchange student, you are eligible for the Monash Abroad Travel Scholarships, and under the exchange arrangement between Monash and our partner university, you are not required to pay additional tuition fees. You will continue to pay your regular Monash Malaysia tuition fees in Malaysian Ringgit. Please note that you may not be eligible to receive the travel scholarship if you are receiving other forms of financial assistance.

Entry requirements

To be eligible to participate in a semester abroad program you must meet the following criteria presented in the table below. Please note: for Engineering students, the minimum requirements are slightly different - please see below for more information.

Eligibility criteria for Semester Abroad programs

(Semester or Year on Exchange or Study Abroad)


Postgraduate by coursework
(incl. hons)

Of good academic standing
Minimum WAM at time of registration 60% n/a
Minimum WAM at the end of the semester in which you apply 60% 60%
Minimum credit points completed at time of registration 18 n/a
Minimum credit points completed by the end of the semester in which you apply n/a 18
Minimum credit points completed at time of program commencement 36 36
Sought Course Advice from School/Schools
Study plan approved by School/Schools
Satisfy any additional School requirements
Satisfy any host institution / campus requirements
Study equivalent of 18 – 24 credits 
per semester whilst overseas

Ready to apply?

Find out more about key dates, eligibility, the nomination and selection process, and how to apply.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Exchange

Here are some the questions commonly asked by our students considering exchange at a partner university.

What happens after I apply?

You've submitted your application form. What happens next?