Academic Integrity

Compulsory unit module

At Monash, we uphold academic integrity in all our academic endeavours and it is central to building trust and confidence in the University and its community, as such, we have produced a module to make sure you understand why it is important, your responsibilities, and how to conduct your university studies in an ethical manner. We have also come up with a short video, which is found below, that tells you more about Academic Integrity.

New students (who commenced in October 2020) are required to:
  1. Submit the agreement in the Web Enrolment System (WES).
  2. Complete the Academic Integrity modulebefore the deadline of 30 April 2021 to avoid being encumbered. An encumbrance limits your access to essential University systems and services, including exam results, the library, re-enrolment, assignment submission, and graduation.
  3. Keep your proof of completion record (you’ll receive this in an email).
Visit Monash University Academic Integrity, Plagiarism and Collusion website to learn more about Academic Integrity.

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