MYMonashAlumni: Frontliner Story 10

My name is Adritho Zaifar (Itho), and I graduated from Monash University Malaysia in 2017. I am currently working as a Continuous Improvement Manager at PT Salam Pacific Indonesia Lines, one of the leading Indonesian based shipping companies.

Due to the ongoing lockdowns and restrictions that have been put in place by the government, we, the logistics professionals have risen to the challenge to work around the clock in ensuring that essential materials can be delivered on time. I am very proud of the dedication that our people have put into making this happen.

As a Continuous Improvement Manager, my team and I are responsible for driving the improvement of processes and systems in our business and the implementation of programs that will have long-term benefits for the purpose of improving efficiency. We hope to serve our customers and the community better with these new implementations.

Adritho Zaifar
Bachelor of Arts, International Studies (Monash Alumnus, 2017)