1 Degree, 3 Countries

1 Degree, 3 Countries

When you study at Monash Malaysia, you have the opportunity to study your degree in up to 3 different countries (Malaysia included!).

Chew Sau Jun

Spent 1 semester at the University of Auckland, New Zealand and 1 semester at Butler University, USA

1. How would you compare your exchange at the two different destinations (Auckland and USA)?

I had different experiences throughout my exchange program at both destinations, but I am sure that I learned a lot about myself when I studied abroad in the US. I had a plenty of ‘first times’ in the US, from flying there alone to trying the Chicago pizza, and then travelling across the US cities, but I had countered a number of friendly people who I am sure that I will meet them again throughout my journey in the America. However, I think I had the best time in Auckland, where I lived in one of my favourite cities, beautiful campus and hanging out with good bunch of friends when I was there. I have been missing every single friend I met and the student life in Auckland even though it has been so long!

2. What was the highlight of each exchange in which you participated in?


- Journey to the South Island during the Easter break; I think that was the most beautiful trip ever, and of course emotional, because it is absolutely a very memorable trip to me and my friends.

- The night where I cooked my friends our infamous Char Kuey Teow as a part of sharing our Malaysian culture. I was so glad that they liked my dish so much, and some of them even asked for more!


- One day trip to King’s Island in Cincinnati on the first day of my arrival. I appreciated the one-day trip, despite I was freshly suffering from the jetlag, and all I could think was about getting the necessities in my accommodation.

- Watching a NBA game live at the stadium in Indianapolis and it was a match between the Indiana Pacers and Houston Rockets. Never have I ever imagined that I would have a chance to watch a NBA game by my naked eyes, and I’m really thankful to the host university for scheduling this for us. Furthermore, I got to take a personal photography with the team leader of Indiana Pacers after the match, and it was a fascinating experience.

3. What made you decide to go on 2 semesters abroad?

I think being a young adult is all about exploring the world if you can with a strong desire, and mostly be different. I am so glad that I made this decision because I’ve been wanting to visit these two countries in my lifetime, and Monash University made my dreams came true.

It is a decision that I will never regret for the rest of my life and now I’m so proud to tell the world and anyone who I will come across with about my stories and experiences of studying, living and travelling in these places. This journey has a strong impact on my perceptions about the world, and the values I learned to be a better individual.

4. How these 2 semesters abroad have enriched your learning experience?

The semesters have ultimately taught me to be honest, bold and confident about who I am as a person, and be brave to speak about my mind. Moreover, now I am already wondering where would I want to travel alone again, because travelling alone is pure excitement to me.


Lok Teng Yan

Spent 1 semester at Monash University, Australia and 1 semester at the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

I wanted to participate in the exchange program because I have always wondered what was like beyond the country I am living in. I wanted to explore more and see more of the world. I want to test myself and see if I can be as comfortable as I was when I am well-provided. Things are a little different in New Zealand, the prices, people, weather, and many more. I have learned to adapt by dressing appropriately for the weather and always checking the weather changes for the next days. I have also learned to socialise a little more because I do not want to feel lonely in a foreign country. Being independent, cooking own meals to save money, washing my clothes on time so I don’t run out of clothes to wear, clean the apartment before it stinks. All and all, I had an amazing experience in New Zealand. I met a couple of great friends, we have been on road trips, adventures, and thrilling activities. I really enjoyed my time there despite feeling a little alienated at first. I would do it again if I have the opportunity. Memories and experiences are what last the longest and most precious for me, and I will cherish them forever. So here I am, writing this testimonial while I am in Australia for another exchange program. So, if you ask me why to do it, well, why not?

Looi Sze Shean

Spent 1 semester at Monash University, Australia and 1 semester at the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Exchanging to University of Auckland was one of the best decision I have made. It opened my world so much and instilled in me so many values that I never would have learned otherwise. I have travelled to so many places in New Zealand and every scenery were breathtaking. I will never regret taking this opportunity and I am proud to say I have conquered the fear of going abroad and living independently and of course the fear of skydiving.