Talks and Lectures

The Sir John Monash Lecture series was launched by Monash University Malaysia in June 2014 with the aim of further enhancing the university’s contribution to Malaysia and the region through the promotion of thought leadership in key areas that are strategic to the development of the region in the 21st Century.

A wide variety of contemporary and multidisciplinary topics are covered by the lectures, including: sustainability; socioeconomic development; innovation and technology; health and well-being; societal transformation; Islamic economic thought and halal ecosystem; and international understanding.

These public lectures are delivered by high-profile thinkers, international leaders, policy makers, corporate leaders and world-class academicians and experts, who are distinguished in their areas of expertise and whose work has made a significant impact to the global community. Invited speakers from UK, USA, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong and Malaysia have presented cutting edge research and thinking, while also spending time with the academic community at Monash Malaysia.

The lectures attract large audiences from the wider community, with participation from industry, government, education and other sectors. 12 lectures have been presented since the series commenced.