Living in Malaysia

As soon as you arrive in Malaysia, you’ll see it’s a country of energetic, friendly, youthful and culturally diverse people.

Bordering Thailand to the north,  Singapore to the south and Indonesia to the south east, Malaysia is located at the crossroads of South-East Asia. Its strategic position between the Straits of Malacca and the South China Sea made it an historic trading centre, which absorbed influences from China, India and colonising western powers, most notably Britain.

As a result, the country’s mix of Malays, Chinese, Indians and indigenous people has produced a society that is rich in traditional and modern influences, reflected in its many languages, religions and foods – you’ll find many tempting gastronomical choices and hundreds of colourful festivals to visit.

Geographically, the country is just as varied as its culture. You will have ample opportunity to explore Malaysia and its contrasting corners, where you’ll discover pristine island beaches, peaceful villages, cool highlands and lush jungle ecosystems.

With the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, just 20 kilometres away, Bandar Sunway has many nearby attractions. You can shop, eat, enjoy music, nature parks and many other sights in and around KL, which has grown exponentially since its beginning as a tin-mining outpost in 1857.


Malaysia’s weather is equatorial, which means it’s warm and humid throughout the year, with little variation -- the average temperature is around 30 degrees Celsius. Rainfall is high, especially as the monsoon season moves across the country, but showers are usually soon followed by sunshine – so be prepared with an umbrella, hat and comfortable clothing.