Outbound Students

Brian Chye

K K H Fazall Abdull Hameed

Bogazici University, Turkey

“The important thing when you decide to go on exchange is to know why.”

Guoy Zhi Ren

Aldo Alfonso

Maastricht University, Netherlands

“Going on the exchange program is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.”

Guoy Zhi Ren

Derrick Low

Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

“To me, the main reason why I chose to exchange to the beautiful city of Copenhagen is to experience the relaxed lifestyle.”

Guoy Zhi Ren

Irene Wisarta

International University Schloss Reichartshausen (EBS University), Germany

“My exchange has been an amazing journey and a life changing experience!”

Guoy Zhi Ren

Natasha Lee Ann

University of Warwick, United Kingdom

“It is truly a memorable and enjoyable experience and I encourage everyone reading this to go on an exchange to truly understand what I’m talking about.”

Guoy Zhi Ren

Omair Ahmed Soomro

Lulea University of Technology, Sweden

“It has affected me highly and positively. The entire experience as a whole has been packed with many amazing experiences.”

Guoy Zhi Ren

Phyllis Ho Sze Yueen

University of Exeter, United Kingdom

“Being so far away from home, my first study abroad experience has certainly taught me how to be independent.”

Guoy Zhi Ren

Tawhid Md Bakhtiar

Monash South Africa

“It’s a one of a kind experience! This exchange has given me first-hand exposure that will reflect positively in my future career.”

Guoy Zhi Ren

Yap Han Yang

Korea University, South Korea

“This exchange has made me a stronger and more independent person.”

Guoy Zhi Ren

Chan Hui Qin

Monash University Australia

“I chose Monash Australia over partner universities due to the easier application procedures, especially when finding core units that would count towards my degree.”