Derrick Low

Exchanged to Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

What Derrick says

To me, the main reason why I chose to exchange to the beautiful city of Copenhagen is to experience the relaxed lifestyle where the Danes are regarded as the world’s happiest people and Denmark being one of the safest countries in the world!

Throughout my exchange, I did meet some really interesting personalities, including a young politician from Sweden, and have developed connections with interesting individuals from all around the world (notably from the States, Australia and France).

Thoughts on Copenhagen Business School

What really surprised me the most was the fact that they have student buddies (usually a Dane - and this a voluntary programme) who connected with me before I left, picked me up at the airport and even introduced the Danish culture to me. The exchange social programme coordinators even organised a trip around Denmark and to Berlin for us exchange student too!.

Useful Tips

It is really cheap to travel around Europe (the low-cost airline here are really cheap - AirAsia cheap). In fact, it can be argued that it might be cheaper for me to visit another country than to stay in Copenhagen for the weekend.