Monash University Student Association (MUSA)


MUSA is an organisation run by students for the benefit of the student population of Monash. The organisation represents the students and acts as the means of communication between the students and the administrative authorities of the university.

What MUSA does:

  • MUSA provides subsidies or reimbursements for students who are representing Monash University Malaysia at competitions or conferences.
  • MUSA funds events initiated and organised by Monash students; provided the event is beneficial to the students of Monash, such as the likes of Monash Revolution.
  • MUSA supports students who are called in for APC hearings (where students face the risk of getting expelled by Monash due to failing more than 50% of their credit points).
  • In case of any student-related harassment, complaints, and safety issues, students are encouraged to approach MUSA with proper evidence for actions to be taken.

What MUSA can’t do:

  • MUSA has no authority to dismiss any lecturers/tutors you’re unhappy about at Monash. But fear not, you’ve got Student Evaluation of Teaching Units (SETU) every semester to voice out your thoughts anonymously!
  • MUSA does not work under the Facilities & Maintenance Department. You may inform us of broken facilities, but we are not able to buy, fix or replace them. However, we will definitely inform the administrative staff of the issues so they will be attended to.
  • Yes, we do have smart engineers and IT students in MUSA, but the sad truth is that we are not capable or allowed to fix any facilities that do not belong to us (i.e., printers, WiFi, etc.). Like the former, we will ensure that the departments involved are informed of the issues and that they will attend to them as soon as possible.

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