MYMonashAlumni: Frontliner Story 2

Hello everyone. My name is Muhaimin. I am an alumnus who is currently serving in Sabah. During this pandemic, the Emergency Department (ED) is one of the departments which is most affected. ED acts as a disaster leading force for hospitals. We are the gatekeepers of the hospital - which means, anyone with or without COVID-19 will have to pass through us first. With the increase in COVID-19 cases, one must remember that other cases like dengue or myocardial infarction do not simply stop to make way for a pandemic. They will keep showing up on our triage day and night. Therefore, it takes proper management to keep the emergency department running smoothly in this time of need.

In my free time, my wife and I will go to the Infection Control Unit to help make Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Both of us are not professional tailors, but we try to catch up with our nurses when sewing. We make hoods, boot covers and many more to ensure that our hospital’s supplies are sustained. A pandemic is a war fought for a long period; thus, ensuring adequate protection for our medical fraternities is of utmost importance.

After my shift, I am usually involved in discussions with friends and seniors from West Malaysia. I am the Sabah State Coordinator for IMAM Response and Relief Team (IMARET), an NGO that focuses on medical-based volunteer works. We are responsible for helping bridge the gaps in PPE supply amongst government hospitals in Sabah by collecting data from them and facilitating with the State/Federal government, NGOs and corporate companies (MERCY, MRA, POS Malaysia, Yayasan Khazanah etc.) to procure what is needed by the hospitals. Our main objective is to ensure a sustainable and continuous supply of PPE, especially in East Malaysia. I believe that working during operating hours are my responsibilities, and those after hours are for my country.

It is difficult to be away from family and loved ones during this pandemic. I hope that God will protect my family, as best as I put my efforts into protecting others. When this pandemic is over (yes it will!), I will be home to see my family and celebrate with them. It is my sincerest hope that all Malaysians will be safe and make it through this calamity as a nation. Kita Pasti Menang! (We will surely win!)

Dr Abdullah Muhaimin (Class of 2014)
Emergency and Trauma Unit, Hospital Tawau