Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours)

KPT/JPT (N/481/6/0783) 10/22 - MQA/SWA12120

Why study a Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours)?

This is a coursework and research program in computer science for high achieving students who have completed a relevant undergraduate degree. You will undertake research methodology training and carry out an independent research project on your selected topic, working closely with a supervisor who will provide you with individual guidance and academic counselling. The course offers a pathway to higher level research in computer science.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course it is expected that you should be able to:

  • demonstrate a knowledge of a range of specialised topics in computer science including historical, cultural, social, legal and ethical issues inherent in research applicable to the discipline of computer science
  • plan, conduct and manage an independent research project
  • evaluate and select research methodologies appropriate to computer science, and demonstrate their uses and limitations
  • critically analyse research literature
  • analyse, synthesise and evaluate factors in a research project
  • document and communicate research results, and the methods used, orally and in a written report
  • undertake independent learning and apply analytical thinking.


The course takes one year of full-time study to complete.

Course Structure

This course consists of a combination of coursework and research. In the coursework component you will develop advanced theoretical and/or technical knowledge of computer science and research methodologies appropriate to your field. In the research component you will plan and execute a research project under the individual guidance of an academic supervisor.

The Monash University Handbook has more detailed information about the structure and requirements for the Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours).

Course Requirements

This course comprises of 48 points. Units are 6 points unless otherwise indicated.

Part A. Coursework (24 points)

You must complete:

a. the following unit:

  • FIT4005 Research methods in information technology

b. three elective units (18 points) from the following:*

  • level 4 or level 5 units approved by the faculty honours coordinator (this elective list may change from time to time and vary by campus)
  • with permission from the thesis supervisor and honours coordinator an approved elective in selected topics can be completed - you will enrol in FIT4008 (Reading unit).

* A maximum of one unit (6 points) may be selected from units offered by other faculties with the approval of the honours coordinator. Suitable units can be identified using the browse units tool in the Handbook.

Part B. Research (24 points)

Students complete:

Progression to Further Studies

Satisfactory completion of this course may provide credit toward a Monash master's by coursework degree and will provide the preparation necessary to undertake a master's by research degree or a doctoral (PhD) degree.

Entry Requirements

  • Successful completion of a relevant Australian undergraduate degree (or equivalent) with a credit average (at least 60%) in all units and a distinction average (at least 70%) or higher in 24 points of third year Computer Science units; or
  • Qualifications and experience deemed by the Faculty Education Committee to be preparation equivalent to attainment of the undergraduate degree of the standard specified above; or
  • Any other equivalent qualifications recognised by Monash University and the Malaysian government.
  • Students must satisfy the minimum English language requirements of the University.


In 2021, annual tuition fees for this course are:

  • RM40,428 for Malaysian students
  • RM46,200 for international students.

Once-only fees

  • Application - RM100
  • Registration - RM200

Per-semester fee

  • General amenities - RM100

For more details on the student pass application fee, please click  here.

Intake periods

Each year, there are two intake periods for the Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours). This means you can start in February or July.