Courses Available for Online Application

Course Code
Course Title
School of Arts and Social Sciences
A2006Bachelor of Arts and Social SciencesYYY
A2007Bachelor of Digital Media and CommunicationYYY
A3701Bachelor of Arts (Honours)Y  
A6003Master of Communications and Media StudiesY  
School of Business
B2026Bachelor of Business and Commerce YYY
B2027Bachelor of Business and Commerce and Bachelor of Digital Media and CommunicationYYY
B6007Master of International BusinessYY 
B5003Postgraduate Diploma in Business and CommerceYY 
B3702Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Honours)YY 
School of Engineering
E3001Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)YYY
E6001Master of Advanced Engineering (Energy and Sustainability)YY 
School of Information Technology
C2001Bachelor of Computer Science in Data Science YYY
C2001Bachelor of Computer Science YYY
C3702Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours)YY 
C6003Master of Business Information SystemsYY 
Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences
M6019Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of MedicineY  
M2015Bachelor of Psychological Science and BusinessYYY
M2004Bachelor of Psychological ScienceYYY
M3705Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours)Y  
D6006Master of Professional CounsellingYY 
School of Science
S2000Bachelor of ScienceYYY
S2008Bachelor of Medical BioscienceYYY
S2009Bachelor of Food Science and TechnologyYYY
 S3701Bachelor of Science (Honours)YY 
School of PharmacyP3001Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours)Y