An undergraduate degree from Monash allows you the option to study wide or study deep. Or you can do both with a double degree. We also offer alternative pathways to assist you coming to Monash.

Broad degrees

You can choose a broad generalist degree such as arts, science or business and gain an insight into many aspects of your field of interest. This could lead to specialisation later.

Specialised degrees

Focus on a specific area of interest or choose a degree that leads to professional accreditation (such as medicine, engineering, IT or pharmacy) and graduate ready to practice.

Double degrees

Enrol in two degrees at the same time in two completely different disciplines. As double degrees are taken together, with the electives from one degree counting towards the other, it usually only takes a year longer than it takes to complete a single degree. A double degree is a great way to tailor your study to suit your tastes and talents while increasing your job prospects.


If you are a high-achieving and motivated student, honours can help you:

  • explore an area of interest in detail
  • pursue a masters degree or a PhD
  • enhance your employment opportunities.

Honours is usually an extra year of study at the end of your undergraduate degree. You normally apply for honours in your third year of study, but some courses include an honours year in their structure.

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