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Digital health projects traverse disciplines to address health inequalities

In this year's inaugural Monash University Malaysia NEED Grant Scheme 2021, the university approved funding for seven digital health strategic projects totalling to more than RM2 million.

26 October 2020

Investing in world-class research

Monash University news

We are embarking on a major new initiative in our pursuit of research excellence. In the coming months, we will be recruiting up to 20 early career researchers focusing on seven research priority areas.

22 October 2020

Researchers investigate pipes to reduce non-revenue water

A team of academics at Monash University Malaysia are researching the different materials used in piping with respect to their mechanical properties, transportability, corrosion resistance and a host of other criteria. The objective of the research is to give a systematic and comprehensive evaluation of different options to satisfy specific needs so that stakeholders can make better-informed decisions.

12 October 2020

Metabolic syndrome: Solace and solution through peer-support lifestyle intervention

Researchers at Monash University Malaysia have created "PERSUADE" (PEeR SUpport program for ADults with mEtabolic syndrome), an evidence-based and community-specific nutrition and lifestyle behaviour peer support program for individuals with metabolic syndrome.

5 October 2020
Monash University news

Medical or supernatural: Breaking stigma linked to epilepsy

Epilepsy has been viewed as a form of a mysterious supernatural trance. Researchers at Monash University Malaysia have teamed up to explore the possibility of engaging religious institutions as a means to raise awareness and provide education.

22 September 2020
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