Research culture

Through the talent and ambition of our people, Monash University's global reputation as a leading research institution continues to grow. At Monash Malaysia, we nurture and invest in high-calibre researchers who are committed to improving life in the region and the developing world.

We encourage our academics and students to exceed expectations and move beyond traditional limitations. Our academics are explorers who equip students with the tools of enquiry they need to chart new frontiers and contribute to the sustained development of the communities they serve.

Our research objectives

We aim to increase our global recognition as a leading research centre, able to solve fundamental challenges and improve the socioeconomic well-being of societies in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

Making a difference in our communities

We want our research to benefit the communities with whom we engage and serve. We respond to community needs and aim to produce research that is relevant to improving the quality of life and the competitiveness of everyone in our region.

That’s why our arts and medicine schools are involved with international partner universities in the South-East Asian Community Observatory (SEACO), a community-based  ‘health laboratory’ that is generating valuable evidence for researchers in such broad areas as public health, social and environmental sciences, demography, human geography, and clinical and biomedical sciences.

Partnering for extraordinary results

To turn a discovery into a real solution, we collaborate with government, industry and world-class research organisations. Strong partnerships are essential for our future success. We value being known for our accessibility and openness to collaboration.

Working across traditional boundaries

We know that boundaries between faculties and fields of research can delay new discoveries, so we work in cross-disciplinary teams to attack current problems from many different angles and pioneer groundbreaking research.

In our business school, Professor Pervaiz Ahmed heads an international team of business, science, medicine, IT and engineering researchers who are working on the Global Asia in the 21st Century that explore Asia's economic, political and social emergence on the global platform.

Strategically focused research

We undertake research across many different areas but know the value of focusing on strategically chosen research areas to make the most valuable contribution to our region and the wider world. We call these areas our leading capabilities. They ensure we maximise the impact of our work.

At Monash Malaysia, we’re building particular strengths in the rapidly developing area of genomics. The multidisciplinary program, based in our science school, is using new generation sequencing (NGS) to provide novel answers to profound biological questions.

And our medicine school is also leading the way in the area of neuroscience. Its Brain Research Institute at Monash Sunway (BRIMS), headed by Professor Ishwar Parhar, the world’s leading comparative neuroscientist, is conducting research that is having an impact on metabolic neuromedicine, neuropsychiatry, the neuroendocrinology of ageing and biotechnology.