Short Term Partner Program

What are short term partner programs?

Study for a short period overseas at one of our partner universities, in either the Monash winter (June-July) or summer (December-February) breaks. These experiences are usually worth between 6 and 12 credits (subject to approval by your course management office), depending on the duration of the program.

How do they work?

You may study a core or an elective unit of your choice abroad that fit into your current Monash course. Transfer of credits back to your degree is subject to approval by your School. The duration of the programs is typically two to four weeks, however it may vary and the programs are often conducted during semester breaks.

After completing a summer or winter school at a partner institution, you will receive an official transcript from your host university showing all the units you completed. In certain cases, the marks issued will either be a pass or fail. Your Monash transcript will only show Satisfied Faculty Requirements (SFR).

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you wish to transfer credits back to your degree, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have obtained School's approval for transfer of credits prior to commencement of the short term partner program. It may not be possible to obtain approval after you have started in the short term program.

Where can I go and what can I learn?

Current summer/winter school options supported by schools:

Summer schools (June/July)
(Expression of Interest deadline: 30 March 2020, unless specified otherwise)

Winter schools (December/January/February)
(Expression of Interest deadline: 30 August 2020, unless specified otherwise)

The above list of options is not exhaustive and will be updated periodically.

You will need to check that the duration of your preferred short term program does not overlap with exam dates in Semester 1 and the commencement (of study period) of Semester 2 at Monash Malaysia. If you are unsure, please check with your course management office as to whether your participation in the short term program would affect Monash's course requirements.

How much will it cost?

There are three different participation modes for summer and winter schools. These modes determine how costs and fees are paid. The mode of delivery may also impact how you apply as well as how you are enrolled.


You pay tuition fees to Monash Malaysia for the relevant number of units completed. You will pay all other associated program and administration fees directly to the host. Program costs will vary depending on the duration, destination and host institution.

Not all summer and winter schools have exchange spots available. Therefore, speak to Monash Abroad to clarify the arrangements in place for your preferred program.

Study Abroad

You are responsible for paying all associated fees, generally directly to the host institution. For programs in Europe, the USA, and the UK, the tuition fees can often be quite expensive.


Check our Funding webpage to see if there are any Monash Abroad travel grants available for short term programs to partner universities.

* It is recommended that you finalise travel arrangements (e.g. book flights, accommodation, etc.) only after you have received an official acceptance from the host institution and where necessary, obtained a visa.


Check that you meet the eligibility requirements for overseas short term study:

  • 60+ WAM at time of application
  • 24 credit points achieved at time of application and 48 credits achieved at time of departure
  • must be enrolled as a Monash student for the duration of the program
  • you may also be required to meet additional host/partner eligibility requirements

To be eligible for an exchange place, you must be participating on credit bearing basis. Any participation on non-credit bearing basis will not be considered by Monash Abroad.

* Please note that the eligibility requirements are subject to change.

Ready to apply?

If you have questions about the application process, you are encouraged to start making enquiries early. The application deadlines are as follows:

ProgramMake enquiries bySubmit draft Study Plan to your School
(Step 2 below)
Submit Expression of interest (EOI) 
(Step 3 below)
Summer school in June or JulyJanuary in the year of the intended short term program commencementAt least 2 weeks prior to EOI deadline30 March 2020
(unless specified otherwise above)
Winter school in December, January or FebruaryJuly in the year prior to the intended short term program commencementAt least 2 weeks prior to EOI deadline30 August 2020
(unless specified otherwise above)

Steps to apply