Chai Ee Li

Exchanged to Carleton University, Canada

Studying abroad allowed me to be more independent. As I lived on my own in Canada, I was responsible for my own life and had to execute things by myself. Thus, I learned how to overcome difficulties and think wisely in order to make better decisions. Through this experience, I nurtured a more matured side/personality.

At the same time, I went on an exchange because I wanted to meet a lot of new people from different places. Meeting new people from diverse background allowed me to explore and learn their culture.

It was so interesting and amazing to exchange our cultures and experiences with each other. Going on exchange allowed me to expand my social circle with people from different places.

I had to adapt to new and different teaching methods by the lecturers and tutors at Carleton University. The most interesting experience was participating in a stock market trading simulation, which allowed me to be more familiar with stock trading in the market.

It was the greatest memory and experience to study abroad, as it is a rare opportunity to study and travel at the same time. By studying abroad, you get to travel, and this allows us to expand our knowledge and experience the local cultures. At the same time, it was really fun and amazing to share the Malaysian culture and introduce Malaysia to everyone from all around the world. Travelling around the world and study in a different place with a different study culture allows us to experience different things.