Ian Wong

Exchanged to University of Exeter, UK

I went on an exchange because wanted to see more of the world and experience travelling and living in a foreign country by myself. I also wanted to meet people from different walks of life and learn about the diverse cultures from all around the world at the same time to share the multicultural society that we have in Malaysia.

From the exchange semester, I have learnt to be independent, having to look out for myself all the time I am abroad and no one to take care of me but myself. Besides that, I have also learnt to travel smartly and cheaply to countries all over Europe (some of them even by myself) and a few states in the US. I have also learnt to socialize with people and to get over the fear of rejection. I have also learnt that most people are nice and are generally open-minded.

If you’re looking for the best year in your life, I’d say go for an exchange overseas because this year abroad experience definitely made my year.

And if you’re like me, always seeking for new adventures but never really got the chance to tick off boxes from your bucket list, I would say this is the perfect opportunity to do so.

You’ll meet so many people from all around the world with different life experiences that you somehow just happen to cross paths at this period of your lives and you might even make lifelong friends in the end. There will be many memories created along the way and stories to tell your friends and families when you return, and these are the experiences that make your exchange worthwhile and priceless.