Irene Wisarta

International Exchange | International University Schloss Reichartshausen (EBS University), Germany

What Irene says

“My exchange has been an amazing journey and a life changing experience!”

“During my five month stay, I’ve travelled to 11 countries in Europe. I saw the world’s wonders such as the Colosseum in Rome and the Eiffel Tower; and even had a chance to appreciate the great view from Jungfrau Mountain in Switzerland, the sunset in Santorini and the northern lights.”

Useful tips

“The cost of living in Germany is not as high as most people think it is. I bought my own groceries and cooked with friends almost every day. Cooking has become a favourite activity in our flats. Dairy products, vegetables and meat costs up to 45€ (~180MYR) and was enough for a week’s worth of meals. Eating out would cost twice as much.”

“As a student, purchase a semester ticket that can be used to travel within one chosen state. I paid 114€ (~460MYR) for access to public transportation throughout my exchange; this was big help for my finances!”