Ferdy Julius Perry Phe

Exchanged to Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

Hello there! In my last 1.5 years, I did two exchange programs, to Monash Australia and Technical University of Denmark. I would really recommend you guys to do the same!

Through this experience, I learnt a lot and it widened my perspective. Comparing myself 2 years ago and now, I have become more talkative, and from this, I made a lot of friends. By living abroad far from your comfort zones and obviously parents, it will train you to make quick decisions and be independent of others. How you manage your time is also important.

In my opinion, if you have the chance, you should really take it. And by the way, the efforts of looking for the equivalent units really paid off. I have been through this challenge, but it is actually just your very first step out of your routine or comfort zone.