Lim Wan Chang

Exchanged to University of Exeter, UK

The reason I did this exchange program was because I wanted to see the world by myself. To have an opportunity to live in their environment and learn to adapt myself to such environment. Moreover, getting to meet people that have different cultural background will allow me to improve my social skills. The exchange program fulfilled every single reason that motivated me to sign myself up for the program.

Through this exchange program, I can confidently say that I have grown to be a better person. I have become more independent and generally, the program changed how I approach and solve daily problems.

I highly encourage students to be brave and sign themselves up for International Exchange program. It not only provides us with a chance to travel but also a chance to shape ourselves into a better person for the real word. During the period of exchange in the United Kingdom, I learned to plan trips for myself to explore the UK. I travelled almost every weekend as I really want to see as much as I could, and it is possible to do that. It led me to experience the uniqueness of every different place that I visited. The key thing to travel is to plan ahead and be your adventurous self.

At the end of the exchange program, I have seen more than I remember and remember more than I have seen.