Monash Intercampus Exchange Students

The intercampus exchange program is open to students at all Monash campuses and allows you to spend one or two semesters at any other international Monash campus earning credits towards your Monash degree.

For inbound students applying for Monash Intercampus Exchange Program at Monash University Malaysia campus:

  • Students must seek course advice and obtain faculty approval from their home campus for the units they wish to enrol in at Malaysia to ensure that there will be no disruption to their course progression.
  • Students taking Psychology as a major or an elective (given that pre and co-requisites are met) are eligible to enroll in any of the units offered in the Psychology Unit Schedule.
  • Units undertaken at the Malaysia campus (during summer or during a full semester) under the exchange program are Monash units and will appear in your transcript as such and will not be considered as cross-institutional study units.

If you have any questions on exchange or study abroad programs, please send an email to and our Monash Abroad coordinator Lisa Ng ( will be happy to assist you.

(Note that the above personnel only handle exchange programs. If you have enquiries on transfer to Monash Australia, please contact the Future Students Office at )