Student pass

All international students need a Student Pass to study in Malaysia. The Immigration Department of Malaysia issues and regulates the passes, but Monash University Malaysia manages your pass application. The Student Pass usually lasts for up to a year – or the length of your study period if that’s less than a year – so you need to renew it annually if you’re studying with us for more than two semesters.

You can’t study in Malaysia as an international student, and we can’t issue your Monash University student ID, without your having a valid Student Pass. And, depending on the country you’re from, you might also need to apply for Malaysian entry visa.

Approval for a Student Pass can take up to a maximum of ten weeks for new international students and eight weeks if you’re transferring from another institution within Malaysia. So make sure you apply as soon as you receive your offer letter from us, and well before your studies at Monash University Malaysia begin. You are responsible for cancelling or transferring your Student Pass if your circumstances change.

For a summary of your obligations as an international student and Student Pass holder, please check out our immigration regulations page.

Entry guidelines and quarantine process for current students (NEW*)

If you have an existing Student Pass that is valid or expired (from 1 February 2020 onward only), refer to the Entry Guidelines and Quarantine Process if you wish to return to Malaysia.

New international students who have accepted offers to study at Monash University Malaysia and who have not entered Malaysia with a Visa Approval Letter (eVAL) are not allowed to enter Malaysia until further notice by the Government of Malaysia.