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Teaching and Learning for Semester 2, 2021

Having carefully reviewed the COVID-19 situation here in Malaysia, we have decided that we will commence Semester 2 2021 as planned on 26 July 2021 fully online. On-campus activities will resume when it is safe to do so.

Even when on-campus activities resume, we will continue to provide fully online teaching and learning options for students who are unable to attend campus.

  • If you stay in your home country, we will continue to provide you with a full on-line learning option for the whole semester. If there are essential on-campus activities required for your units, we will make arrangements for these at a later date.
  • If you come to Malaysia it is very likely that you will still be studying online. You will be able to access on-campus activities, if they are offered for your units, when it is safe for us to start providing those activities.

The Government of Malaysia has agreed to allow the entry of international students effective from 1st January 2021. The latest Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on international students entering Malaysia is available on the Education Malaysia Global Services webpage.

A guide on the SOP to enter Malaysia has been prepared and applies to the following international students as defined by the Immigration Department of Malaysia:

I. Entry Guidelines and Quarantine Process for New International Students

New international students who have accepted offers to study at MUM and have not entered Malaysia; have a Visa Approval Letter (VAL) that expired in 2020; entered Malaysia in 2020 with a VAL and left Malaysia without completing the Student Pass endorsement process; or who will be entering Malaysia with a Visa Approval Letter (VAL).  Refer to the Entry Guidelines and Quarantine Process for New International Students

II. Entry Guidelines and Quarantine Process for Existing International Students

Existing international students who have commenced studying at MUM and have an existing Student Pass that is valid or expired (from 1 February 2020 onwards only). Refer to the Entry Guidelines and Quarantine Process for Existing International Students

Important Note

All international students need a Student Pass (Visa) to study in Malaysia. The Immigration Department of Malaysia issues and regulates the passes. Monash University does not have the authority to approve or reject your student pass application. The Student Pass can last for one (1) year or more depending on your application. You have to ensure your student pass is valid and renewed on time during your studies in Monash University Malaysia.

For a summary of your obligations as an international student and Student Pass holder, please check out our immigration regulations page.

As an international student impacted by Covid19 restrictions, you may have questions surrounding your Student Pass. We have prepared a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that new and existing international students may find useful.