PASS Leaders

PASS leaders serve as peer facilitators for PASS sessions. The PASS Leader’s role is to model and encourage effective study behaviour. PASS Leaders need to be supportive, inclusive and focus on the needs of students. PASS Leaders combine specific study skills with key source content, integrating what to learn with how to learn.

A PASS Leader functions as a “model student” of the discipline rather than an authority figure. PASS Leaders help students formulate and their answers to their own questions. This process helps students develop a more sophisticated approach to learning, while maintaining the focus on content mastery. This can also be achieved through Leaders being diligent in their own studies and sharing their reflections/ examples of how they feel when they succeed as students.

PASS leaders are paid and have the opportunity to participate in the program for several semesters. Experienced leaders have the opportunity to train and mentor new leaders as well as other opportunities.

Being a PASS leader helps you develop the skills most highly valued by employers (2007 Monash Graduate Employers Survey):

  • oral and written communication skills
  • teamwork and leadership
  • problem solving
  • time management
  • ability to learn new skills
  • ability to cope with pressure.

PASS leaders must also have excellent communication, interpersonal and organisational skills. Any experience in tutoring, coaching, customer service and leadership roles in clubs, societies, teams or at high school will help to demonstrate these skills. Preference is given to students who have regularly attended PASS.