PASS Participants

Mentees are first year undergraduate or postgraduate students wanting to stay on top of university expectations and unit content, and connect with potential study-partners.

The sessions delivered target difficult core units that a large number of students need to do. The study skills and friendships developed through PASS are useful and support students throughout university life.

Whether you're a high-achiever or nervous about a difficult unit, PASS can provide you with the support you need. Sessions are held on-campus with 12 to 30 students per session. The sessions are run as a fun and active group approach to help you feel engaged with your course and develop study skills you need to be successful in it.


Students who regularly attend PASS are more likely to score a D or HD, and are less likely to fail the unit. Each session provides revision and consolidation while lecture concepts are still fresh in your mind, and provides support for assignments. The notes from PASS are useful for exam revision at the end of semester.

The program aims to help you with:

  • What to learn (unit content)
  • How to learn (developing study skills)
  • Keeping you up-to-date and motivated in your studies
  • Establishing study groups and friendships to enrich your student life