eExams with online supervision

In-semester eExams usually don’t require online supervision. However, eExams held at the end of the teaching period (final assessments) may be supervised online depending on the assessment objectives, and whether your teaching staff (or an external accrediting body) have determined that it’s necessary to ensure that level of academic integrity.

Our eExams with supervision are conducted by Monash-trained staff through our online supervision platform – Monash eVigilation.

How it works

Once you start your exam, you and your use of the applications on your computer will be video recorded. We’ll also be notified if anything unusual happens during your exam (for example, if you unexpectedly move away from your computer).

During your eExam, your Monash supervisor will have their webcam and microphone switched off, so you won’t see or hear them. If you want to speak to your online supervisor, click the Raise hand button and they’ll attend to you as soon as they can. You won’t be aware of other students being supervised, and they won’t be aware of you.

Watch these videos to find out how online supervision works