eExam rules

Monash University is committed to honesty and academic integrity. There are serious consequences for plagiarism, collusion and cheating.

Cheating can come in many forms, and can occur in exams and other types of assessments. To cheat could be to copy the work of others, to get someone to do your assessment for you, or to bring unauthorised materials into an eExam. Cheating breaches academic integrity and Monash University has various methods of detecting it.

Cheating is a very serious offence and could result in suspension or exclusion from the University.

Learn more about academic integrity, plagiarism and collusion.

Exam Rules

  • You can’t cancel or reschedule your eExam. By starting your eExam, you’re confirming that you’re well enough to do the exam. If you suddenly become unwell during your exam, tell your supervisor straight away – they’ll tell you what you need to do. We recommend you try to finish your exam if you’re able to because in most circumstances, if you’ve seen and/or attempted to answer the exam questions, you won't be eligible for a deferred assessment.
  • If your eExam is supervised, you must stay in sight of your webcam throughout the eExam session. If you need to leave the room to use the toilet, you’ll need to leave your phone and any exam materials in the exam room in front of the camera so it’s visible. The session will continue to be recorded while you’re out of the room.
  • To ensure you get your full exam time, log into the eAssessment platform 30 minutes before the scheduled start time (if it’s supervised) or 10 minutes before if you have an exam without supervision.
  • You must have your M-Pass (student ID card) or a government-issued photo ID (e.g. your passport) if you’re sitting a supervised eExam or an unsupervised eExam on campus. If you have a supervised eExam, your webcam and microphone must be working – if the online supervisor can't see or hear you, you won't be allowed to sit your eExam.
  • Your exam duration includes reading time; however, you can start answering as soon as the exam begins if you want to.
  • During the eExam, you must not have a calculator, pencil case, mobile phone, smart watch/device, or any books, notes, paper, writing on any part of your body, or any other materials which haven’t been authorised for the exam. Possession of unauthorised materials, or attempting to cheat or cheating in an exam, is a disciplinary offence.
  • During your exam, you must not speak with other students or persons outside the University. You should only communicate with your online supervisor or exam staff. Colluding with others to gain an unfair advantage in your assessment is a disciplinary offence.
  • Your phone must be switched to 'do not disturb' mode and placed faced down on your desk. You must only use your phone to log in to your eExam with multi-factor authentication and, at the end off your exam, to upload photographs of any required handwritten responses – don’t access your phone until the instructions appear on your screen.
  • Where any of our monitoring identifies a suspected breach of exam rules, footage of your exam session and session logs may be referred to a Monash faculty administrator for investigation. See privacy and security for more information.

What you’re allowed to bring to your eExam

You can check your unit’s Moodle page to find out if:

  • you need any additional authorised materials or approved devices
  • the eExam spell check function will be disabled.

Your lecturer can confirm whether your eExam is an open or closed-book assessment.

This information will also appear on the landing page of your eExam. You should read this information carefully before you start your eExam and make sure all of your materials and devices are authorised. We'll regard any material or item on your desk, chair, or person to be in your possession. Having any unauthorised materials in an exam is a disciplinary offence.


Open-book remote eExams

Closed-book remote eExams


Open-book exams allow you to access notes, texts or resource materials in your exam.

Closed-book exams don’t allow you to take notes, books or any other reference material into the exam. You need to rely entirely on your memory to answer questions.

Books, study materials

Yes, but you’re not allowed to access soft copy notes on the device you’re using for your eExam (unless specifically instructed by your teaching staff or faculty).


Dictionaries (hard copy)



Dictionaries (electronic)






Paper, including blank A4 paper


You’re only allowed to have sheets of paper with you if they’re authorised for your exam. Check the list of authorised materials on your unit’s Moodle page and the landing page of your eExam.

Pencil cases




Your personal belongings are allowed to be in the room, but they must not be in reach during your exam.


You’ll need to check with your lecturer to see whether your exam requires the use of a calculator and, if so, whether there are restrictions on the type you’re allowed to use.

Cap, hooded top

You can wear a cap or hooded top, but you may be asked to remove it as part of your online supervision so we can verify your identity. Your online supervisor may ask you to remove your hood at any time.


There is an inbuilt timer on your eExam screen that will count down the time you have left.

Face masks

Mask-wearing is required for indoor settings and optional in an outdoor setting. You’ll also need to use the hand sanitiser provided on arrival and follow social distancing guidelines.

Food and drink

Yes, food and drink are allowed in your private exam space. If you have an on-campus eExam, please ensure any food you bring with you won't disturb those around you.


You can have your smartphone with you, but it must be switched to 'do not disturb' mode and placed face down on your desk. You'll need to use your phone to log in to your eExam with multi-factor authentication and again, at the end of your exam, to upload photographs of any required handwritten responses – don't access your phone until the instructions appear on your screen.


On-campus eExams

eExams with online supervision: You’ll need to bring a headset or headphones with a built-in microphone so you can communicate with your online supervisor clearly and minimise disruption to other students in the same exam room.

eExams without online supervision: You can use the noise-cancelling function of headphones, or earplugs, to minimise distractions.

Off-campus eExams

Headsets or headphones with a built-in microphone are optional for off-campus supervised eExams. They must be used only for communicating with your online supervisor. You’re not allowed to listen to music, audio files or speak with anyone other than your online supervisor during your exam.


Yes. You can have blue or black pens or HB/2B pencils. You can't have glitter ink pens, as the ink may affect the photo quality of any handwritten responses that may be required.

USB devices


Watches (digital and smart watches)

You must remove your smartwatch and place it face down on your desk for the duration of your eExam. The eExam on-screen timer will show you how much exam time you have left.

Specifically permitted items

Your lecturer will tell you if there are any specifically permitted items you need to take into your exam. These will also be listed on your exam home screen if they apply. For example, you may be permitted to use a translation dictionary for your exam or a single A4 page of pre-prepared notes.