Student letters

Students can request for student letters if they need to verify the enrolment or qualification details of their studies at the University.
Current students, alumni and discontinued students who wish to apply for short letters, can submit their request by:

a) online - current students only - please login with your network account.

b) email - alumni and discontinued students only.

For the current price of a student letter, see other fees




To verify the cumulative grade point average (CGPA) achieved by a student. The CGPA is a calculation used in Malaysia. (This document is available to students who started a Monash University course on or after 1 January 2008, excluding MBBS course).

Enrolment  Verification

To provide proof of current enrolment in a Monash course.

Forecast Completion  Date

To provide details of a future completion date.

Proof of Qualification

To confirm a student has met the requirements of a Monash award course.

Proof of  Graduation

To confirm graduation from a Monash course.

Proof of Attendance at a forthcoming  Graduation Ceremony

To confirm that a student is scheduled to attend a future Monash graduation ceremony.

Travel Concession Card Student Confirmation Letter

To confirm a student’s enrolment for RapidKL travel concession card application.