Self nurture success

Self-nurturing is about looking after your emotional self - treating yourself with care and respect. By taking a little time each day to nurture yourself, you can feel refreshed and full of energy. This can help you be more successful in your studies.

Make a list of things you enjoy and make some time to do them. Here are some ideas.

50 ideas for self-nurturing
Take a nap in the afternoon Hug someone
Meditate Laugh
Do something adventurous Draw or paint a picture
Make a nutritious meal Make a collage representing the real you
Listen to your favourite CD Play a musical instrument
Do some stretching exercises Practice deep breathing
Have a bubble bath Sit quietly and visualise a peaceful place
Get up early to watch the sunrise Watch the sunset
Go for a walk Take time to smell the roses (or any other flowers in bloom)
Lie on the grass and watch the clouds passing Pat an animal
Go to the museum or art gallery Enjoy a cool refreshing glass of water or juice
Gaze at the stars Listen to a relaxation tape
Do some yoga Practice the art of forgiveness
Book in for a workshop Go sailing or paddle boating
Phone a special friend Go on a picnic
Reflect on your most fond memory Write a poem
Have a little daydream Imagine yourself achieving your dreams
Book a ticket to see a play Plant something in your garden
Go to the park and play on the swings Smile and say "I love myself"
Reflect on your positive qualities Go for a ride on your bike
Reflect on your most fond memory Read something motivational
Have a cup of herbal tea Treat yourself to a delicious meal at a restaurant or café
Go bushwalking Book a holiday
Buy yourself a small gift Practice some positive affirmations
Count your blessings Enjoy the beauty of nature