Postgraduate Fee Waivers

Monash English-Master of Applied Engineering (MEMAppE) Fee Waiver

This bursary is open to:

  • Malaysian citizen OR
  • International student
  • For entry into Monash English (ME) and progressing to Master of Applied Engineering on full-time study mode at Monash University Malaysia.
  • Full tuition fee waiver for Monash English, reimbursed over two semesters of the Master of Applied Engineering (MAppE) at the rate of 50% in the first semester and the balance of 50% in the second semester.
  • The amount reimbursed will be deducted from the tuition fees for MAppE. There is no cash benefit to the fee waiver. The full tuition fees for Monash English must be paid, and there must be no outstanding tuition fees.
  • You must be fully enrolled into the Master of Applied Engineering at Monash University Malaysia commencing Semester 1, 2025 and onwards.
  • This fee waiver is non-transferable and only valid for the course stated.
  • You must not receive any other tuition scholarship or financial assistance.
  • You must not discontinue or withdraw from Monash English (ME) or the Master of Applied Engineering (MAppE) at any time (whether during or after completing ME, or in the first or second semester of MAppE).
  • You must enrol a full load of 24 credit points for MAppE.
  • In the event of general or academic misconduct, this fee waiver may be withdrawn.

An application for Admission to the University will constitute an application for the fee waiver.  All applications for admission consistent with the eligibility and selection criteria will be considered automatically for the fee waiver. All successful candidates will be offered the fee waiver along with the Offer of Admission to Monash University Malaysia.

Closing dates: Per course application deadline