Disability Parking

Monash University Malaysia provides designated  on-campus parking spaces for staff and students with a disability. For access to these reserved parking spaces, an individual must have a significant ambulatory disability that is permanent or long-term in nature (unlikely to improve within six months).

Staff and students must provide a written confirmation from a Medical Specialist in the relevant field confirming one of the following conditions:

  • Inability to access a vehicle in an ordinary parking bay, or requires the use of a complex walking aid (walking aid with more than one contact point with the ground) that prevents access to a vehicle in an ordinary parking bay.
  • Has an acute or chronic illness in which minimal walking may endanger their health.
  • Requires rest breaks when continuous walking is undertaken due to a significant ambulatory disability or severe illness.

To apply, individuals may submit the Medical Specialist report and recommendation to Mum.OHSE.Helpdesk@monash.edu


  • Allocation of parking spaces are subject to availability.
  • Applications may be referred to a campus nominated Occupational Health Doctor for assessment. The Malaysian Personal Data and Protection Act 2010 will apply.