Academic record (transcript)

An academic transcript/record is a formal record of your academic history at the University. You'll get a free academic transcript, in digital format, when you graduate.

Your record includes all unit attempts and your grade for each unit. If you were enrolled in more than one course, it lists all courses and all units studied at Monash.

Current students, alumni and discontinued students who wish to apply for transcripts may submit their request by:

a) online (current students only - please login with your network account).

b) email - alumni and discontinued students only.

For the current price of an official academic record, see other fees

Unofficial record

At anytime, you can access a record of your past results and view an unofficial record in the Web Enrolment System.

Official record

For course completing students:

After results release: You won't receive a completed record until your unofficial record in WES has the status Completed.

Digital format