Peer Assisted Study Session


Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) is an academic mentoring program, usually aimed at first year students transitioning from high school to university. It is a program of guided study groups to provide support with difficult units.

PASS has multiple purposes which include:

  • Improving student grades in targeted disciplines/ classes
  • Promoting the development of transferable independent learning skills
  • Creation of a peer learning community
  • Connecting students with their peers who have already succeeded in the subject, building academic capital
  • Fostering ownership of learning – encouraging students to be active rather than passive learners

Sessions are led by PASS leaders who act as mentors to mentees.  PASS Leaders are students with strong academic records who have successfully completed the units they are facilitating. They are friendly peers that share useful study skills, share their personal experiences and motivate students to achieve their desired results.

Sessions usually run over 10 sessions from week 3 to 12 of every semester with groups of 12-30 students in specific units. Attendance is voluntary but highly recommended to all students studying the targeted units. The units offered for the PASS program will be announced by the respective schools in week 2.

PASS always encourages learning and is a great opportunity to assist with preparing for assessments and end of semester exams. It is a facilitated session run by a PASS leader that uses a range of activities to promote active and independent learning.

2022 PASS sessions will be delivered in an online format.

See PASS Sessions offered this semester.


The Monash PASS program is accredited by the Australasian National PASS Centre.

The program adheres to the PASS Guidelines for Best Practice


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