Monash has an online class allocation system called Allocate+ to allow students to specify times for activity types such as lectures, laboratories and tutorials, for your enrolled units. This software collects information from all students on unit enrolment and class timetable availability. It then carries out a sorting procedure that allocates students into classes according to their preferences wherever possible, taking into account each student's overall timetable.

To use Allocate+, you need to have activated your Authcate account and be enrolled into the units. You can then set your preferences and/or make adjustment to your class allocation before finalising your personal timetable for the units enrolled in each semester.

Please be aware that the timetable can change without notice. Students are advised to check their personal class timetable regularly.

The Class Timetable is used to publish all Monash campuses timetable information for students and staff on the web. Class Timetable allows you to view timetables by unit. Class Timetable is only used to view the day and time of all unit offerings by activity type such as lecture, laboratory and tutorial before you go to Allocate+ to set your timetable preferences or change your unit(s) in WES.

You will need to have enrolled/re-enrolled via WES before you will be able to use Allocate+. Once enrolled, your units and associated activities will display in Allocate+ immediately.

Allocate+ is an on campus class allocation system which operates in a three period of cycle

  1. Preference entry mode;
  2. Allocation adjustment mode;
  3. View only mode.

Preference entry mode

During Allocate+ is opens in Preference Entry mode for approximately three weeks time, you are required to nominate your preferred activity time slots, in order of preference, for each unit in which you are enrolled. You are generally asked to nominate 6 preferences per activity. In some instances there may be fewer preferences listed, in which case you should list all available preferences in order of priority.

The system will not allocate you to a seat at this time. Instead, it will collect all your preferences and those of your fellow students and attempt to allocate you to the highest preference wherever possible. At the conclusion of Preference Entry, Allocate+ will be closed and unavailable for approximately 4 days whilst your preferences are collected, ranked, randomised and sorted to provide you a clash free timetable prior to re-opening in Allocation Adjustment Mode.

Allocation adjustment mode

Once Allocate+ is re-open in Allocation Adjustment Mode for approximately 4 weeks time, you will be able to view your clash free personal timetable and make changes where activities are not full.  There may be instances where an incomplete timetable is returned.  If this is the case you should make selections from the remaining options available for an instant allocation (on a first come first served basis).

When you select an activity group, your allocation is shown (if any) along with any vacant time slots.  You may then change your allocation by simply clicking on the 'Pick Me' button of your preferred activity.  If you are successful in selecting a new time slot you will immediately be deleted from the original allocation. You can then print out your allocation/timetable in a table or grid format (use the command icon on top of the screen).

View only mode

At the end of week 4 of semester, the Allocate+ moves to ‘View Only' mode and you cannot make any changes to your allocations as your timetable is being finalized. Nevertheless, you will be able to view your timetable throughout the semester thereafter.

Availability dates

The availability dates for each period in this cycle can be viewed at the following website:  Allocate+ important dates

How many tutorials or lectures should a student attend?

  • Although most units have more than one tutorial, laboratory or computer lab sessions (indicated as Tutorial 01, 02, 03, …) , you will only need to allocate one of these slots and attend only one session .
  • For lectures that may have two separate slots indicated on the timetable as Lecture 01 and 02, you are to choose one of these lectures and attend only one of them.
  • For all other lectures or teaching activities with ‘multi-parts', (indicated as Lecture 01-P1, 01-P2 and 01-P3) you are required to attend all sessions.