Getting help on Allocate+

If you change your enrolment via WES, log into Allocate+ and allocate yourself to the lectures and tutorials for the new unit. See the following webpage for help on allocating yourself: How to use Allocate+.

If you cannot allocate yourself to tutorials and laboratories due to unavailability of timeslot, please try again later. We are monitoring the enrolment numbers and will be adding extra places as needed.

If you cannot allocate yourself due to a clash, please contact your school for immediate assistance.

School / DisciplineAdmin Staff/ Coordinator nameEmail address
Arts and Social Sciences Ms Nurul Farahin

BusinessAccounting Dr Siew Eu-Gene

Finance Dr Zhang Liang
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Business Law Dr Thaatchaayini Kanantu

Economics Dr Audrey Siah

Econometric and Business Statistics Dr Jason Ng

Management Dr Erhan Atay

Marketing Dr Juliana French


Ms Azizun Sallehuddin

Ms Poonggavanam Veerapan

Information Technology

Ms Azizun Sallehuddin

Ms Kushalini Kumaran

Medicine and Health SciencesPsychological Science and Business Ms Tay Suat Fui

Pharmacy Ms Jess Ong


Ms Zurina Samsudin

Ms Lee Yong Soon