FAQs for exams and results

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Official Monash exams

You do not need to do anything if the clash is between units that appear on your portal exam timetable. We will contact you 2 weeks before the exam period. Contact us at 03-55146013 if we don't write to you.

We will organise for you to sit both exams on the same day. To ensure the integrity of the exam process, you cannot leave the exam room between the two exams.

Examinations conducted at Malaysia campus start times are:

  • session one – 9.30am
  • session two – 2pm
  • session three – 6pm.

Start times are based on Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).

Students registered with the Disability Services (DS)

You may have a different start or finish time if you registered with the DLU for help. We will notify you of this 1 week before the start of the exam period.

Review Exam rules so you know what to expect during your exam.

It is your responsibility to check your exam timetable in WES (Web Enrolment System).

We release the exam timetable on the following dates.

Login to WES (Web Enrolment System) to check when and where to go for each exam.

All students

You must bring along:

  • pens, pencils etc. photo ID (Student card or drivers license or passport)
  • Seat number (if available)

Use of calculators

  • Check your unit guide to see if you need a calculator
  • Make sure it is the approved model
  • Ensure you have the faculty approved calculator sticker applied on you calculator(s)

Open book exams

  • You can bring along and use any material except for electronic items such as
    a mobile phone, electronic dictionary, calculator, computer, iPod, etc.

Food and drink

  • You can bring something to eat and drink. Make sure the food doesn't
    have a strong smell, or isn't noisy to unwrap.
  • Put everything on your desk and our supervisors will inspect them during reading

Refer to our Exam rules for more information.

If a particular unit is not shown on your exam timetable it is possible that:

  • No exam is scheduled for that unit
  • The exam is being administered directly by your faculty or teaching department
  • There is an enrolment issue

Please contact your school to see if:

  • They have scheduled an exam for your unit
  • If your enrolment is correct

If you think there is a mistake on the exam timetable, please contact us at 03-55146013.

You must contact your school immediately for help and advice.

The Exams Unit cannot help you to reschedule your exams.

Yes, you can take your bag and other personal items into the exam. You must place all of your belongings under your desk when the exam is in progress.

Yes, you can leave the exam before it is due to finish, but not during the:

  • 1st hour; or
  • Final 10 minutes

Yes. You must turn it off (including any alarms) and put in a closed bag.

You can be fined up to RM150 if :

  • We find you with a phone in your possession during an exam. For
    • In your pocket, clothing, or on any part of your person
    • On your desk or chair
  • It rings or sounds an alarm during an exam.

You cannot use your mobile phone as a calculator in your exam.

You can collect your lost property from the Student Services Counter, Building 2, Level 2.

Check your seat number in WES (Web Enrolment System).

If no seat number shows it may be due to late payment of fees.

Contact Exam Office at 03-55146013

No, we are not able to change your exam timetable.

If you have a:

  • Disability
  • Medical condition
  • Short term injury

We may be able to provide you with alternate exam arrangements (e.g. specialist facilities, extra time etc).

For the Exams Unit to provide this help you must first register as a client of the Disability Services (DS)

The DLU will assess your situation and put forward recommendations to us. As this assessment can take some time make sure you register as early as possible.

Contact details for the DS can be found at the following website: DS contact details

You can check your personal exam timetable in WES (Web Enrolment System).

No. The blind marking policy means your name is not on your exam. Your student ID and desk number are the only forms of identification on your script book or exam paper. The procedure ensures the quality of the marking process.

In the exam we will tell you NOT to put your name on your script books or exam paper.

Yes, you get a study break between the end of teaching and the start of exams.

Study Without Teaching Vacation (SWOT VAC) is a class free period. It is time for you to prepare and study for your exams.

SWOT VAC only applies to semesters 1 and 2. Please refer to Principal Dates for details.

From semester two 2019, exams will no longer have a separate reading or reading and noting time. It's incorporated into the overall exam time. It's always a good idea to read through your exam instructions and questions before you start answering, but you can start answering straight away.

We may be able to assist you with alternate exam arrangements (e.g. seating near a toilet). Contact us at 03-55146013 for assistance.

We publish your unit results in WES (Web Enrolment System). Login and check your results.

We can also SMS unit results for semester 1 and 2 if you register for this service.

You should contact your school to get advice on how to change your enrolment. What it means to fail a unit will vary depending on your course and school.

After you get your unit results, check your enrolment details in WES (Web Enrolment System) for any units that show as INVALID.

You must discontinue these INVALID units.

A WH (withheld) grade means your unit result is not finalised.

Your grade may be withheld because:

  • You did not complete all assignments and other assessment hurdles
  • You have an extension to finish any outstanding assessment tasks
  • Your Unit Coordinator may still be marking and will update your result shortly

No unit result

If you don't have a result it might be because:

  • you didn't finish all your assessments
  • your lecturer is still marking and will release your result shortly

Contact your school for help.

Unit result is wrong

The result in the Web Enrolment System (WES) is an overall unit result, NOT your exam result.

If you think the result is wrong you will need to contact your school for help.